Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Web User Interface Design: CSS, Javascript and web-design resources

Comprehensive list of resources for all things web-related, including galleries and inspiration, tutorials and code archives as well as icons, buttons etc.

CSS galleries and templates:
CSS templates and 'How-to' section

Dynamicdrive CSS gallery
Excellent resource for CSS menues, buttons, containers and forms
Comprehensive CSS gallery and resource site
Excellent demonstrations of what can be achieved visually purely through CSS techniques
Galleries, resources and forums on CSS and webstandards
CSS menus, layouts and demos from Stu Nicholls

CSS browser bugs:

Position is Everything
documentation and explanation of CSS bugs and deviations in various browsers.

Adobe CSS Advisor
A site for finding and sharing information about browser compatibility isssues

CSS tutorials:
A good CSS primer
Simple tutorials on creating lists and floats with CSS
Detailed tutorial on all elements of CSS design
CSS tutorials and try-it-yourself section
An exhaustive list of resources and links to all things CSS

Javascript and DHTML resources:
Comprehensive DHTML script archive
Resource for CGI, ASP, Javascript and other scripts
Super lightweight javascript effects library
Easy-to-use, cross-browser user interface JavaScript libraries

eDevil's Javascript library roundup:
Exhaustive list of Javascript libraries and resources on the web

Icons and buttons:

FamFamFam icons
Several increadibly comprehensive and well executed icon sets by Mark James.

N.Design Studio mini pixel icons
More than 320 free 14x14 pixel mini-icons for your website or web application navigation created by Nick at N.Design Studio

FavIcon Generator
Online tool and instructions for creating favicons

Online button maker
Free online tool for creating those 88x31 pixel buttons.


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