Thursday, March 20, 2008

curvy Corners (Rounded Corners)


Download the latest version and previous versions of curvyCorners here.

This is the curvyCorners Dreamweaver extension that allows you to create curvyCorners using a GUI in Adobe Dreamweaver.
The development of this Dreamweaver extension halted but I have decided to release it anyway.

This extension was kindly developed by addcolours
This is the latest available version. This version adds compatibility with Scriptaculous and the prototype.js library.

This version also adds a new setting called 'validTags' which allows you to specify what HTML elements can have curvyCorners.

(Note: This is an unsupported feature, I will only support issues related to DIV elements)

New: Compressed JavaScript version now included in download.
This version adds a default class name to the autoPad inner DIV called 'autoPadDiv' so that you can apply your own styling. And fixes a background-image - optional corners releated bug.
New: Compressed JavaScript version now included in download.
New and improved API and background-image support.
New: Compressed JavaScript version now included in download.
Minor bug fixes. Improved Safari support. Based on version 1.0.
First major version. Complete rewrite from earlier versions. Now superseded by 1.01.
The first ever released version of curvyCorners. Very old now.

Other Downloads These are miscellaneous downloads.

This was something I did when I was bored. Interestingly though the code is based on a very very early version of curvyCorners that worked quite differently than current versions.

This script is very lightweight and quick compared to curvyCorners but is quite limited. This script generates inverted corners (non rounded) that cover the foreground DIV.

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