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Senior Designer Recent Job
FULLTIME LevelTen Design (Dallas, Texas - Uptown)
Fast & Resourceful Drupal / WordPress Developer Recent Job
FREELANCE Freshout (Philadelphia, PA)
Senior User-Interface Designer for Semantic Web Project
FULLTIME RoundThird Interactive (St. Louis MO)
Web Designer
FULLTIME Treefort (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Front-End Designer
FREELANCE (Planet Earth)
FULLTIME Zanzico (Charlotte, NC, USA)
Advanced PHP Programmer
FREELANCE Fluxure Advanced Motion Media, Inc. (New York City, NY)
Paid Blogger: Write for our Design Blog
Web Designer/Interactive Graphic Designer
FULLTIME Urban Decay Cosmetics (Newport Beach, CA)
Skilled PHP / MySQL / XML Developer – Ibiza on site
FULLTIME Neo Interactiva S.L. (Ibiza island – Balearic islands - Spain)
Creative Gadget Blogger
FREELANCE PreviewGadgets (Everywhere)
FULLTIME Mission Data (Louisville, KY)
Software Engineer
FULLTIME Mission Data (Louisville, KY)
Web Developer
FREELANCE JHG-Townsend (San Diego, CA)
Graphic/Web Designer
FREELANCE JHG-Townsend (San Diego, CA)
PHP Web Developer
FULLTIME Inigo Media Ltd (Edinburgh, Scotland)
XHTML/CSS & JavaScript Developer
FREELANCE XHTML Slicer (Anywhere)
Freelance Web Designers
FREELANCE Belniak Media, Inc. (Glen Ellyn, IL 60137)
Web Graphic Designer
FREELANCE Markup Factory (USA)
Freelance Wordpress Developer For Magazine Migration
FREELANCE Unofficial Networks (San Louis Obispo, CA)
Creative Designer
FREELANCE Jala Design Pty Ltd (Sydney, NSW, Australia)
FREELANCE CanItGo Interactive (Anywhere, USA)
Web/Interactive Developer
FULLTIME Pseuds (Northern Virginia/DC area)
FREELANCE Upstart Blogger (Anywhere)
Web Designer/Developer
FULLTIME Blue State Digital (Washington, DC)
ASP.NET Developer
User Interface and Graphic designers
FULLTIME ANGI studio (The Hague, The Netherlands)
PHP/Flash Developer Needed
FULLTIME Chicago Produces (Chicago, IL)
Senior Digital Designer
FULLTIME Atticmedia (London)
Ruby on Rails Programmers Needed
FREELANCE the lull (Anywhere)
Senior Frontend Developer for fast-paced Mobile Company
FULLTIME Mobango LTD (Milan, Italy)
Actionscript/Ruby on Rails Programmer
FULLTIME Boost New Media (Wellington, New Zealand)
Web and Interactive Designer
FULLTIME Boost New Media (Wellington, New Zealand)
System Administrator - Linux / Plesk
FREELANCE Six Media (Anywhere)
Senior Web-Applikationsentwickler/in Fokus C#
FULLTIME insyma (Zug (Switzerland))
Web-Applikationsentwickler/-in .NET (C#)
FULLTIME insyma (Zug, Switzerland)
Web Designer
FREELANCE Rival Web Design (Australia)
Web/Interactive Designer, Flash Guru
FULLTIME Penn State Outreach Marketing (State College, PA)
Programador .NET
FULLTIME Vinte Consultores (Madrid)
Directeur de projet
FULLTIME (Toulouse, France)
FULLTIME Roomor, Brand Excellence (Milan, Italy)
Flash Developer
FREELANCE Realty Net Media (Miami)
Skilled PHP / MySQL Developer - Freelance
FULLTIME Apex Travel North America (Fort Lauderdale, FL or Edmonton, Alberta)
CSS / XHTML Web Designer
FREELANCE YipMedia (Houston, TX)
Sales & Support Guru
FULLTIME RPMWare Inc. (Anywhere)
Senior Web Designer
FULLTIME Zolv (Leeds, UK)
PHP Web Developer
FULLTIME Asperity Employee Benefits (London, UK)
Web Designer/ AJAX Guru
FULLTIME AgencyNet (Miami/Fort Lauderdale)
PHP Web Developer
FULLTIME (Hereford, England)
Jquery/Ajax NINJA
FREELANCE Ignician Design & Development (Anywhere!)
Frontend Web Developer
FULLTIME Icon Perception Management Co. (Ankara, Turkey)
Web developer - Webmaster
FULLTIME GavickPro (online / Poland)
Passionate About Entertainment on the Web? Java Engineers
FULLTIME CBS Interactive (Berkeley, CA)
Needed: Rock Star JAVA Developers at CBS Interactive
FULLTIME CBS Interactive (Berkeley, CA)
Web Application Developer
FULLTIME Arc90, Inc. (Midtown East - New York, NY )
Senior Web Designer for Live Entertainment Agency
FULLTIME Situation Marketing (New York, New York)
Web Designer
FULLTIME LivePerson, Inc. (New York, NY)
Freelance writer
FREELANCE Mind Sprocket (United States)
PHP Web Developer
FULLTIME Arc90, Inc. (Midtown East - New York, NY )
Java Web Developer
FULLTIME Arc90, Inc. (Midtown East - New York, NY )
Sales Associate
FULLTIME Vectorform (Royal Oak, MI)
Client Web Designer
FULLTIME LivePerson, Inc. (New York, NY)
PHP Developer
FULLTIME Tenbelowzero, Inc. (Oakville, Ontario, Canada)
Web Designer for Live Entertainment Agency
FULLTIME Situation Marketing (New York, New York)
PHP / MySQL Developer - Freelance
FREELANCE SankyNet (US/Canada only)
User Experience Designer
FULLTIME Microsoft (Cambridge, MA)
3D Graphic Artists
FULLTIME AMC Studio (Bucharest, ROMANIA)
Flash Developer
FULLTIME KAN (Malmö, Sweden)
Front End Web Developer
FULLTIME KAN (Malmö, Sweden)
Web Developer/Techie Type
FULLTIME OXLink (Garsington, Oxford, UK)
Analyst / Senior Analyst
FULLTIME BrainMatics Solutions (Mumbai, India)
Junior to Intermediate .NET Web Developer
FULLTIME Lemonade (Melbourne, Australia)
Interactive Designer
FULLTIME Mojo Recruitment (London, UK)
Web Developer
FULLTIME Trovit (Barcelona, Spain)
Web Designer / UI
Blogger needed for start-up game site
FULLTIME GameWard (Anywhere)
Gamer/Content manager/Blogger
FREELANCE RoofArena (international)
Web Designer
FULLTIME CONVERTIUM = (Internet + Passion) x Results (Singapore)
Web Developer
FREELANCE raysmedia (NYC/NJ)
Looking for freelancers for web development
FREELANCE Aveon Information Services (Anywhere)
Web Designer / Builder
FULLTIME Switch I.T. (Sydney, Australia)
Web Interface Designer
FULLTIME Freshview (Sydney, Australia)
Web Developer (LAMP)
FREELANCE RoomEffects (Philadelphia, pa)
Junior Web Developer
FREELANCE Igloo (St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia)
FREELANCE hidden (International)
UI/Web Developer
FULLTIME Quia Corporation (San Mateo, CA )
Front End Developer/Sr Graphic Designer Specialist
FULLTIME eLayaway (Tallahassee, Florida)
Creative Services Web Developer
FULLTIME Linden Lab / Second Life (Mountain View, Seattle, Boston, Brighton (UK))
Director of User Experience Design
FULLTIME Trematon (Anywhere, USA)
Freelance Funambol Developer
FULLTIME Private (Anywhere)
Web Designer
FREELANCE management consulting firm - inhouse (New York, NY)
Student web designer
FULLTIME iWeb Technologies Inc. (Montreal, QC)
web designer
FULLTIME Underscore (London, England)
Interactive Developer
FULLTIME DreamWorld Studios (Eden Prairie, MN)
Movie Reviewer
FREELANCE MoviePress (Anywhere)
Calling all web: designers, dev, Flash
FULLTIME Digitas (Boston, NYC, or Detroit)
Computer Based Training Author (CBT)
FREELANCE Palaestra Training (Anywhere (Telecommute))
FREELANCE Potentus Creative! (Prague)
Flash Programmer
FULLTIME HMC Interactive (Devon, England (UK))
Website Designer
FREELANCE Ainsworth (Tacoma, WA)
Senior Web Designer
FULLTIME [212]Media, LLC (New York, NY)
Print Designer
FULLTIME [212]Media, LLC (New York, NY)
FREELANCE Smashing Magazine (everywhere)
Web/Graphic Designer
FREELANCE Pride Marketing & Procurement (Denver, Colorado)
User Interface Designer and Web/Graphic Designer
FULLTIME PRIDE Marketing & Procurement (Denver, Colorado)
Art Director
FREELANCE Profiles Placement Services (Alexandria, VA)
Long Term Freelance Web and Print Designer
FREELANCE Profiles Placement Services (Dulles, VA)
Web Designer
FREELANCE Pronto Sites (McAllen)
Onsite Web Developer
FULLTIME Marcel Media (Chicago, IL)
Freelance Web Designer (In-house)
FULLTIME Hallmark Channel (Studio City, Ca)
Web Applications Developer
FULLTIME UW-Milwaukee (Milwaukee, WI)
Flash / Motion Designer
FULLTIME MS&L Digital (Ann Arbor, MI)
Blog Editor
FULLTIME MS&L Digital (Ann Arbor, MI)
Interactive Art Director
FULLTIME The Branding Farm (Los Angeles, CA)
Web Analyst
FULLTIME Publicis in the West (Seattle, WA)
Web Designer - seeking creative outlet
FULLTIME MS&L Digital (Ann Arbor, MI)
Flash Developer/Programmer
FULLTIME Crispin Porter + Bogusky (Boulder, CO)
Web Developer/CSS Guru
FULLTIME Crispin Porter + Bogusky (Boulder, CO)

30 Dark Designs You Should’ve Seen Dark designs can be really stunning. I mean, really. In Web 2.0 designers try to do their best to impress their vis

Dark designs can be really stunning. I mean, really. In Web 2.0 designers try to do their best to impress their visitors and in many cases they definitely succeed in doing so.

As a second (out of five) part of our 50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006 collection we’d like to present some stunning, but rather unknown dark designs, which you really should have seen if your aim is to develop web-sites in the modern “Look & Feel”-style.
































10 Tools to help you select a Web 2.0 Color Palette

Well, another day and another entry in our Bookmark Bliss series here at Bookmark Bliss. I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to designing any interface my biggest roadblock has to be deciding on a color scheme. Whether it be a standalone application or a new web layout, I could come up with the best interface design but no one would care if the color scheme is an assault on the senses.

Lucky for me, there are a lot of helpful tools that can turn color coordination nightmares into a dream come true :) If you’re in the same boat as I am, have a look at some of these sites I unearthed from my bookmarks:





Steel Dolphin Color Scheme Tool Color Palette from Image Generator

Color Schemer


Daily Color Scheme

The list is not too long, but really, how many different color resources do you need? My personal favorites are ColourLovers, EasyRGB, and Kuler. I really like the sites that allow people to submit their own color schemes and put together really comprehensive sets that include 5-10 different matching colors. These type of sites make it really easy to quickly choose one you like and incorporate it into your design immediately.

Have you found this list useful? If so, show your support by subscribing to our news feed. We’ve posted several other entries in our Bookmark Bliss series that you might find interesting as well…

  1. Bookmark Bliss: 50 Sources for Web Design Inspiration
  2. Bookmark Bliss: The Developer Cheat Sheet Compilation
  3. Bookmark Bliss: 30 Web Developer Community Forums
  4. Bookmark Bliss: 101+ Stock Image Resources

Archive for the 'Photoshop' Category

Christmas Photoshop Brushes

In our previous Christmas Photoshop tutorials roundup we learned a few simple techniques, lets take it a step further so you can create your own designs and list some Photoshop brushes you can download for free …


Christmas Photoshop Tutorials

As Christmas approaches us, there are lots of things that designers are required for; Christmas Cards, E-Cards, Wrapping Paper - why not make your own for that custom Christmas feel. Today lets take a look at some tutorials to help you with photoshop …


Free Photoshop Plugins

Plugins and filters extend Photoshop by providing new funtionality and effects that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve or by simplifying a process. There are lots of plugins that you can buy but in the TutorialBlog way we are going to be taking a look at the best of the free plugins …


Pixel Art Tutorials

Pixel art is a technique that appeared when the early 2d computer games first appeared, the technique then seemed to disapear when 3d games became popular. Now with mobile gaming and a thirst for retro-cool, pixels are coming back. In this article we will take a look at some examples of great pixel art and then learn some of the techniques involved - all you need is any graphics program from MS Paint to Photoshop and lots of patience. Lets get cracking …


Grunge Photoshop Tutorials

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Grunge is an effective technique when used properly to add some texture to a design to make it stand out from all those clean web2.0 designs. Here we digg out the best techniques and resources to help you master this style..


Photo Retouching - Tutorial Roundup

Sometimes retouching is needed on a photograph to really make it ‘pop‘ so we will be doing a roundup of the various tricks and techniques you can use to improve your photos.


Create custom labels

Layers magazine has a good tutorial on how to create customized labels within photoshop that you can use for various products.


PVC Plastic wrap Texture Photoshop Tutorial

This is a nice and easy photoshop tutorial to show you how to create a pvc / plastic texture using a few simple steps.


Free tutorial pdf downloads

PDF Magazines and tutorials can be a usefull resource to have, whether you print them out or just file them away on your computer - here we have dugg out some great ones for you…


Free Photoshop Brushes

Every good designer needs an arsenal of brushes to use within photoshop, whether its a grunge effect or some tehno swirls that are required there is sure to be a brush that fits your needs. Here we have dugg out the very best we could find. If there isn’t a suitable brush, we have also included some links on how to create your own.


Fake Crop Circles Photoshop Tutorial

Aliens from outer space or fakes created by people with far too much time on their hands ? Who knows, or indeed cares ? Here we present you with an easy way to create fake ones using photoshop.


Create a software box Photoshop Tutorial

Today we wll be mostly creating a fake software box within photoshop that could be used if you are selling software programs or web scripts from a site but dont have an actual physical box that you can photograph.


Related Link: Software Australia Buy software online in Australia

Photoshop Background Eraser Photoshop Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop’s Background Eraser tool allows the user to obliterate the background graphics of any image. On the selected layer, the pixels are reduced to transparency as you drag. Various sampling and tolerance options can be used to control the range of transparency and boundary sharpness. It is grouped in with the eraser tool.


Photo Retouching - Skin Photoshop Tutorial

This will be our first tutorial on the subject of re-touching a photograph in photoshop.

We will be working on a photo of a model and using a few techniques to smooth and even out the skin.

Related Link: Photos onto Canvas Canvas prints by Canvas Dezign

Meet the Note Tool Photoshop Tutorial

Sometimes you play around in Photoshop, make something neat, and then can’t remember how you did it. What was that filter again? And which setting? Or maybe you’re sending a file to someone and need to explain something;

What you need is the often overlooked Note Tool.


Create an Ornate Website Header Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to create a decorative header that you can use on websites or blogs.


The Pen Tool - Curved Navbar Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to manipulate a Photoshop shape by using some basic principles of the pen tool. We will cover adding and moving reflex points on a shape and how if used right can create a very attractive curved navigation bar for your website. (more…)

Archive for the 'Javascript' Category

12 Javascript Image Galleries

There are a large number of Flash image galleries but sometimes Flash is not required or cant be used so we turn to Javascript and CSS. Here is a roundup of some of the better Javascript and Ajax based solutions to our gallery requirements …


10 Javascript Ajax Tabs

If you’re building a web site which has tabs within the design, why not spice it up with a little Javascript magic. Today we round up 10 Javascript/Ajax Tab scripts you can easily incorporate into your future designs …


10 Javascript Accordion Scripts

A Javascript Accordion is a script that allows areas of content to be hidden and then activated and shown using a mouse click, a great piece of script for sites that are tight on space or for navigation where lots of options are needed.


CSS Speech Bubbles

Works great for blog comments!

John Smith on 1st January 2007 at 3:55pm

Customize colors and styling to your taste from within the CSS, then simply edit the pointer tip image. Works on any background to fit with your design.

Rounded Bubble using curvy corners

Expands to fit any layout and scales nicely with big and small font sizes.

Dark Bubble

Download Package (zip)
CSS Speech Bubbles from

curvy Corners (Rounded Corners)


Download the latest version and previous versions of curvyCorners here.

This is the curvyCorners Dreamweaver extension that allows you to create curvyCorners using a GUI in Adobe Dreamweaver.
The development of this Dreamweaver extension halted but I have decided to release it anyway.

This extension was kindly developed by addcolours
This is the latest available version. This version adds compatibility with Scriptaculous and the prototype.js library.

This version also adds a new setting called 'validTags' which allows you to specify what HTML elements can have curvyCorners.

(Note: This is an unsupported feature, I will only support issues related to DIV elements)

New: Compressed JavaScript version now included in download.
This version adds a default class name to the autoPad inner DIV called 'autoPadDiv' so that you can apply your own styling. And fixes a background-image - optional corners releated bug.
New: Compressed JavaScript version now included in download.
New and improved API and background-image support.
New: Compressed JavaScript version now included in download.
Minor bug fixes. Improved Safari support. Based on version 1.0.
First major version. Complete rewrite from earlier versions. Now superseded by 1.01.
The first ever released version of curvyCorners. Very old now.

Other Downloads These are miscellaneous downloads.

This was something I did when I was bored. Interestingly though the code is based on a very very early version of curvyCorners that worked quite differently than current versions.

This script is very lightweight and quick compared to curvyCorners but is quite limited. This script generates inverted corners (non rounded) that cover the foreground DIV.

25 Code Snippets for Web Designers (Part1)

There are loads of handy scripts, bits of html and widgets that you can incorporate into your websites and blogs - here we bring together 25 of the most helpfull in the first part of this series …

Bubble Tool Tips - Bubble Tooltips are an easy way to add (via a bit of CSS and javascript) fancy tooltips with a balloon shape to any web page.


Box Over - BoxOver uses javascript / DHTML to show tooltips on a website.


Ajax Star rating Bar - This is a rating bar script done with PHP and mySQL that allows users to rate things like can be done on Netflix or Amazon, all web 2.0-like with no page refresh.


CSS Star Rating Redux - Star rating with css tutorial


Ajax Contact Form - An unobtrusive AJAX contact form (works even with JavaScript disabled)


Wufoo - Build online forms easily with this web app


Pretty Accessible Forms - It can be time consuming to make web forms both pretty and accessible. In particular, laying out forms where the form label and input are horizontally adjacent, as in the image below, can be a real problem.


Adam’s Radio & Checkbox Customisation Method - Customised check boxes using images


sIFR 3b1: The Mo’ Betta Beta - sIFR is meant to replace short passages of plain browser text with text rendered in your typeface of choice, regardless of whether or not your users have that font installed on their systems.


Revised Image Replacement - Plenty of new and interesting revisions to the original Fahrner Image Replacement technique sprouted up in late 2003. This was an attempt to consolidate them.


CSS Rounded Corners - Spiffy Corners is a simple way to generate the CSS and HTML you need to create anti-aliased corners without using images or javascript.


CSS Speech Bubbles


Even More Rounded Corners - Another article detailing a method of doing rounded corners with CSS. In this case, single-image, PNG-based, fluid rounded corner dialogs with support for borders, alpha transparency throughout, gradients, patterns and whatever else you (or your designer) could want.


Vertical Bar Graphs - Who wants to use Excel to make a new graph each week? Using CSS and PHP you can create attractive bar graphs (yes, even the stacked kind) that are always up to date.


CSS Vertical Bar Graphs - Here’s a fairly typical vertical bar graph showing a hypothetical set of quarterly data for, say, invoice and collection totals. The difference here is that the whole thing is a simple set of nested lists and CSS. Really.


Suckerfish HoverLightbox - A really creative way to show a collection of images in a gallery.


Lightbox JS - Lightbox JS is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. It’s a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers.


CSS Image Maps - Image map that’s built entirely using CSS and XHTML.


CSS Image Pop-up - This is an Pop-UP image effect that is similar to the ones you see using JavaScript on mouseover or on click but THIS ONE uses ONLY CSS!


Sliding Doors CSS Navigation - A rarely discussed advantage of CSS is the ability to layer background images, allowing them to slide over each other to create certain effects

. 21.gif

Taming Lists - I’ll demonstrate how to use CSS to bring unwieldy lists under control. It’s time for you to tell lists how to behave, instead of letting them run wild on your web page.


The Art of Navigation - The main purpose of this design experiment is to see how far we can push CSS. Is it possible to create the most complex navigation (in terms of graphic design) and have it marked-up as an unordered list?


Navigation Matrix Reloaded - This new experiment is, as the first one, based exclusively on graphics — therefore the same usability and accessiblity cautions apply.


Light Weight Low Tech CSS Tabs - An example of light weight tabs by combining the Sliding Doors method with the Mountaintop corners idea.


Accessible Image-Tab Rollovers - I wanted to continue to use a simple unordered list for the navigation in the markup. Much has already been said about using lists for navigation, here and elsewhere. They’re compact, lightweight and accessible to text browsers, screenreaders, PDAs, phones, etc.