Friday, June 18, 2010

10 Amazing Avatar movie Photoshop Tutorials

3D computer graphic adventure Avatar is the most expensive film in history, it took $500 million and 10 years to make. The James Cameron film, uses pioneering 3-D technology and computer graphics.
Here is a compilation of some great Photoshop tutorials which will help you to create your own Na’vi Avatar from a picture of yourself.

This is a Photoshop tutorial showing you all the steps you need to take in order to photo-manipulate yourself into a Na’vi (based on the characters in James Cameron’s movie “Avatar”).
Na'vi Photo Manipulation Tutorial

Tuhin is the founder of Inspiring Pixel, and in his first tutorial for the year 2010, he shows you how to create the Avatar movie poster in Photoshop.
Avatar Movie Poster in Photoshop

It’s Johnny Depp’s turn to be avatarized in this french tutorial (screenshots for every step). You can translate the whole page into english with Google Translator for exemple.
Photoshop turn into Na'vi from Avatar

Peter Ammentorp Lund (an art director based in Copenhagen), has made a video showing the step by step process of transformation.
Birth of an Avatar Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to make your own Avatar movie poster from a portrait picture of yourself, using some simple but efficient techniques.
Photoshop Avatar Movie Poster

Here is an interesting tutorial how to create Avatar movie wallpaper in Photoshop.
Creating Avatar Movie Wallpaper

This tutorial is designed to guide you through through the precess of creating your own Na’vi Avatar in Photoshop CS4.
Na'vi Avatar Tutorial

This is an Avatar photomanipulation done in Photoshop CS3. This tutorial is not for “experimented” persons i think, you just have not to fear and you can still erase and try new things.
Avatar Photoshop photomanipulation

Anybody with medium photoshop skills, will have no problem following this Avatar Movie tutorial.
Avatar Movie Photoshop Tutorial

Sasha H. Muradali, like a lot of other Photoshop addicts, was awed by the graphics in James Cameron’s ‘Avatar.’ In this tutorial that she made, you can learn how to transform yourself into a Na’vi.

Photoshop Yourself Into an AVATAR Na’vi

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