Friday, August 29, 2008

Online Photo Image Web Tool Software - pixlr

New filter
I couldn't sleep last night .. laying in my bed thinking about a poster a saw in a cool restaurant here in Stockholm I decided to go up for a few hours and create a filter that emulates what the artist did in his painting. I call it Art poster Filter.

Fixes and stuff ..
Yep I'm on it again .. some more features ..

Tracing when you you use the lasso tool (Yes I know i should have been there in the first release).
Added some more Keyboard shortcuts and added information in the menus about them.
Added Pixelate filter .. for fun, seems like it is a must be there ..

More updates :)
Some updates just hit the app:

Open from URL, open images from any part of the Internets.
Halftone filter, yes a new filter .. just for fun ..
Rotate and flip layer now works.
A warning on the clone stamp tool (Not everybody knows about shift)
Full screen mode (But it sux cos Flash disables key input)

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