Sunday, August 24, 2008

15 Best Firefox Extension....

There are lots of browser in the market but in my opinion FireFox is the Best. It has so many features like pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, and increased security. Firefox’s design allows the user to extensively customize the browser to their individual tastes and needs through the use of extensions and themes. Additionally, Firefox stores many hidden preferences which can be manipulated to turn on or off many other features.
Firefox extensions are small add-on programs that add a new piece of functionality to the browser. These extensions can range from adding a new toolbar button to adding a completely new feature. The great thing about these extensions is that you can choose which extensions you want to add.

The following is a list of the 15 of the best extensions for Firefox.

1. Tab Mix Plus
Tab Mix Plus provides the user with complete customization over how tabs operate in Firefox. Options include changing the display appearance of tabs, protecting tabs, reopening closed tabs, and selecting how and where links open.

2. Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus removes unwanted content, such as ads or flash, from a web page based on a set of user defined filters. A companion to Adblock Plus, Adblock Filterset.G Updater, automatically downloads the latest version of a set of filters which will block most ads on the web. Adblock Plus is an offshoot of the original Adblock extension.

3. Greasemonkey
Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which allows the user to modify web sites to improve functionality or appearance. This extension associates a bit of code with specific web pages. This code runs every time you visit the page, dynamically changing the appearance and functionality of a page. In many ways, these scripts are just Firefox extensions in a different format.

4. All-in-One Sidebar
The All-in-One Sidebar extension adds a sidebar panel to the browser allowing the user to quickly switch between windows, such as the downloads, extensions, or themes window. Inspired by the Opera sidebar, this extension includes a toolbar which can be customized.

5. SpellBound
SpellBound provides a spell checker similar to one seen in a word processor. As a word is entered in any text box on the page, Spellbound highlights the misspelled words with a red dotted underline. The spelling can then be easily corrected by clicking on the red underlined word and Spellbound will pop up a menu with potential corrections, providing a choice of which word to replace.

6. Reveal
Reveal shows thumbnails of open tabs or as browsing through the history list. It can be managed using the keyboard or the mouse. There are two quality and similar extensions available that operate in much the same way: Viamatic foXpose and Showcase.

7. PDF Download
The PDF Download extension allows the user to choose how to handle PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files. Every time a PDF link is clicked on, this extension offers the choice of whether to open the pdf file inside a new tab, download it to the computer, or view it as HTML.

8. IE View Lite
IE View Lite provides one-click access to Internet Explorer for a selected page from the Firefox context menu. A neat thing about this extension is that it will allow you to jump to any browser, such as Opera, by changing the IE path in the extension settings. In addition, you can set any site to open in IE whenever it is loaded in Firefox.

9. All-in-One Gestures
The All-in-One Gestures extension provides for management of mouse gestures, scrolling, and power navigation.

10. NoScript
NoScript provides full user control over what domains allow javascripts to run. NoScript can also block Flash, Java, disallow bookmarklets to work, and block or allow the ‘ping’ attribute of a tag.

11. FoxyTunes
Foxy Tunes places controls for the media player of your choice within the Firefox toolbar. You can pause, forward/reverse, play, adjust the volume, and view what is playing. Almost all major media players are supported. You can find a number of FoxyTunes skins here.

12. Download Them All
Download Them All will download, in just one click, all the links or images contained in a web page through a set of customizable filters.

14. Wizz NewsReader
The Wizz NewsReader is a fully functional news reader extension. It works with works with Atom 0.3, Atom 1.0, all versions of RSS, and supports Podcast feeds.

14. Image Zoom
Image Zoom provides control of the size of images that are displayed in Firefox. Images can be zoomed in or out, to allow for easy viewing of images.

15. Livelines
Livelines allows for the customization of the “add live bookmark” icon found in the Firefox location bar. Instead of adding an RSS feed as a “live bookmark” within Firefox, Livelines can add the RSS feed to an online aggregator, such as Bloglines or Feedlounge, or to an desktop based RSS software, with a click of the mouse. Webmail Compose will accomplish a similar idea with email. Webmail Compose opens a selected webmail program’s (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail) compose window if any email addresses are clicked on.

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