Tuesday, May 6, 2008

JavaScript Menu, DHTML and more.

Welcome to TwinHelix Designs! This site is the home of my freelance JavaScript, DHTML, XHTML, CSS and CGI projects.

Scripting Projects

My scripts below are all free to download and use; if you like them, consider making a donation to support their development. See the menu to the left for more scripts and resources!
FreeStyle Menu v1.0 RC11
A very flexible unlimited-level, drop down JavaScript menu that uses UL/LI list data formatted with a CSS menu layout. It's powerful, lightweight and extremely easy to use!
IEPNGFix v1.0 RC4/5
Makes PNG images and backgrounds work in IE 5.5/6.0 without any modifications to your document HTML.
HTMLHttpRequest v1.0beta3
Dynamically request pages from the server and parse/insert them into your document, using XMLHttpRequest or a hidden IFRAME transport for best browser compatibility. It's great for Ajax web apps or as a frameset replacement!
SuperNote v1.0beta2
Easily turn plain footnotes into dynamic, CSS-formatted popup tooltips.
Photo Morpher v1.0 beta
An image gallery on steroids. Blend and morph between images that are defined in a standard list in the page for easy modification and good backwards compatibility.
DragResize v1.0beta
Makes page elements draggable and freely resizeable.
AddEvent Manager
Easily add multiple event handlers to an object across all common browsers.
CheckTree v1.0 RC
Displays and manages a multilevel list of checkboxes.

V4+ Browser Compatible Scripts

Cascading Popup Menu v5.2 RC4
An extremely customisable hierarchial popup JavaScript menu: it's more of a pure JavaScript / DHTML menu system, with flashy effects and cross frames support.
DHTML Scroller v4.0 RC2
An IFRAME replacement, can load external files and scroll vertically using DIVs.
Tipster v3.1 RC
Adds mouse-tracking and fading popup JavaScript / HTML tooltips to your page, or forms them into nested popup menu arrangements.
Object Browser v3.0 RC
Can view and change the Document Object Model in real time. Great for development and debugging scripts.
Cross-Browser DHTML API v1.1 RC
For DHTML coders, to simplify cross-v4-browser coding.

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